Verse I Tell me that you love me, I love your lies

Tell me that you love me before you realize

Chorus I I don't care if it's true

I just want to hear the words from you

So tell me that you love me because I love your lies

Verse II Tell me that you need me, I need to hear

Tell me that you want me and you'll always want me near

Repeat Chorus I, lead break like verse

Verse III Three little words, say them make me believe

If you think you can guess who's really deceived(not me)

Chorus II I love your lies

I really, really love our lies

Yes, I, I, I, I, love-ve your lies


Repeat Chorus II, Repeat Chorus I, fade out

Words and Music (c) 11-14-1989 JESSE AND THE COLONEL

all rights reserved