A hush falls over the crowd as a figure separates itself and climbs the steps to the stage.  It's Saturday
night in downtown HODGENVILLE< KENTUCKY on the second weekend in October, 2005.  A melody
starts to play and everyone listens as "MEATLOAF" (a.k.a. Colonel, 1/2 of THE PERKINS BROTHERS)
begins to sing.  I'd Do Anything For Love (But I Won't Do That), the voice is eerily familiar.  He moves in
perfect rythm to the music, emulating "MEATLOAF'S" antics.  The crowd belongs to him as he moves
through one hit after another, all too soon his concert is over and then suddenly there is another icon
taking the stage.  The black hair, the sideburns, sunglasses and the jumpsuit are just props that arn't
needed after the first song.  Everyone is convinced "ELVIS" is alive and well as his hips gyrate to the beat
of the music.  He creates envy amongst the men as the ladies scream and push forward to take a scarf from
hi neck.  There is such a sense of excitement as "ELVIS" (a.k.a. JESSE, the other 1/2 of THE PERKINS
BROTHERS) Performs hit after hit, the lean torso moves and grooves as he did in the early 60's.  He
appeals to every age group during the concert, crossing invisible age barriers and bonding children to their
parents as tehy become mutually "COOL".  It's "ELVIS, OH ELVIS" over here, "ELVIS" as the music
fades and the concert is over, there is a sense of disappointment.  IT WAS OVER TOO SOON.